Many years of monitoring of the status and implementation of investment and monitoring of supply and demand in the field of building-housing construction in Sarajevo Canton, we have decided to offer our town a new approach and a new dimension in the area.

The ideal location in which we build residential and office complex, functional, and economic deployment of our apartments, as well as economic price, are key factors for the purchase of an apartment from our offer.

Our team consists of highly responsible, highly professional and skilled employees who designed the project, which will monitor its implementation and realize the same and be at your service for any potential issues related to the purchase of the apartment. We point out the excellent business and technical cooperation with reference engineering companies, as well as performers from the area of construction.

All the aforementioned guarantees of the successful implementation within the defined limits of the dynamic of our project "NOVA OTOKA".

These are just some of the reasons you indicate your trust us, and we will with our highly- qualified, professional team repay you in the best possible way, very modern, architectural solved, housing and business complex "NOVA OTOKA".