Penthouse apartments

Following the trends in the field of contemporary and modern construction of residential and commercial buildings, and above all wanting to afford future property owners the realization of their desires in life, we have designed several luxury penthouse apartments.
Customers who want to be in the center of the city, and at the same time want a very comfortable and pleasant living environment with beautiful panoramic views, we offer several unique apartments on the top floor.
Luxury apartment situated in the building which combines superior architecture, technology and design in the center of Sarajevo is the main goal of architects, engineers, interior designers and all who have worked on this project. Residential and commercial complex "Nova Otoka" provides a unique unity and makes a new urban center for the ultimate business and lifestyle, ensuring peace and protection in the midst of modern buildings.
The building „A“ makes the third unit of the unfinished residential commercial complex "Nova Otoka".
Various contents of business character are situated on the ground floor fully adapting to the environment and the needs of the users. Taking care of the residents, visitors and pedestrians on this area, building „A“ will offer spaces for cafes, banks, child day care and other social facilities.