After choosing apartment, customer can reserve chosen apartment. Reservation of real estate - apartment lasts 5 days so You can decide the way of payment, financing, check your loan posibility and loan conditions.

Reservation of apartment is free, and there is no need for down payment.


If the buyer decides to purchase the apartment next step is signing the sales contract.

Purchase contract is signed in four copies, of which the buyer retains two, and the seller two copies.

Purchase Agreement defines the subject of the sale, the total contractual purchase price and the method and terms of payment of the same. By signing the sales contract, contracted and institutions capers under the law of obligations.


After the signing of the contract between buyer and seller, upon fulfillment of certain conditions (performed technical acceptance, acquiring use permit, condominium conversion carried out, and also carried out in the ZK office) access to the signing of the sales contract notary treated with all the elements.

Buyer is presented excerpts with exactly defined KČ (cadastral plot floors), defines the object of sale, total agreed purchase price, method of payment, method and deadline for the introduction of the customer into the apartment.

The signing at the notary access vendor - authorized person or authorized assignee and buyer.

The cost of notary processing the sales contract pays the buyer.


The buyer is required under a defined manner and timeframe for payment of the price of the purchase contract to perform the same in a defined amount in a transactional account which the seller has opened with banks that are listed in the contract.


If the customer chooses the payment is made through a housing loan or a mortgage, it is necessary that the notarized contract addressed to one of the commercial banks with the request. Upon approval of the loan the buyer to sign the loan agreement with the bank creditor.

If it is a mortgage loan requires a statement - approval commitment to the real estate agent - the apartment which is the subject of the contract. So with the signed loan agreement and notarized agreement on establishing a mortgage signed by the customer - the borrower, the bank's representative and proxy agent. After signing the mortgage follows the entry into the ZK office and bank creditors transferred to the bank account of the seller of the amount approved in the loan agreement.

The cost of notary processing contracts on mortgage buyer.


The entry of the real property - flat is done after the technical approval of the building (acquiring use permit) after the buyer pays the seller the agreed purchase price in full. The fulfillment of these conditions the buyer acquires the right to enter into possession of the property. The seller shall issue the customer a confirmation that the contracted price is paid in full.

The seller and the buyer together visit the property and make a record of the handover of the property, that when the buyer takes the keys to the apartment. With a transfer record real estate, copy of ID card and a copy of the notarial contract the buyer is treated as a user logs in with the relevant KJKP and other authorized companies (water, gas, heating, telephony, etc.).

Login and access energy is implemented in accordance with regulations of FERK and the rules of ports JP Elektroprivreda as defined in the sales contract.


All buyers of newly built apartments in accordance with the current legislation are exempt from paying sales tax on the property since buying a newly built apartment of the legal entity - the builder. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the customer must contact the competent tax authority within the legal timeframe and to obtain a decision on the exemption of sales tax. Accordingly facility location - property in the area that the political council of the facility is built, is determined by the capacity of the tax administration.


Upon payment of the entire amount of the purchase price the buyer from the seller receives written confirmation that the purchase price paid in full.

With the above confirmation customer notary who is a notary processed sales contract takes copy of the original - the contract for the land register with clause intabulandi - tabular statement on the basis of which the buyer without the seller's consent can register in the land registry as the owner of the property.

The buyer becomes the owner of the property until the registration in the land register. To the customer registered as the owner must first of the competent tax authorities to obtain the freeing of sales tax.

Only with the obtained solution, the original copy of the sales contract shall be submitted to the ZK office of the Municipal Court in Sarajevo.


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